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The Bedside Perch

Convert your bed into an office, a gaming den, a place to chill all day long. Your phone, tablet, beverage, remotes, glasses—everything that matters—will always be within reach. With the Bedside Perch, each necessity remains ”right where you left it”!


I was able to charge both my kindle and phone with the two chargers. It was able to hold a bunch more things than expected. I am planning to give these as gifts! Great purchase!!
My son’s roommate brought this to college. It is very sturdy and provides a charging area without placing the phone on the bed. I recommend this.
We were looking for anything to give a little extra storage space. This is great! Fits between the mattress and the springs on the bed. Daughter’s roomie got a different brand and it didn’t fit as easily and they had to mess with theirs a lot to get hers to attach and stay. This one was super easy!