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Our Story

As my wife and I finished helping our daughter unpack her last box of pillows, frames filled with high school memories, and every bit of makeup humanly possible into her freshman dorm room last September, we smiled knowing she had found her place.  But her gadgets, water bottle and phone, the most important items to a teen girl, had not.  You see, her bed was a loft with no possibility of a bedside table or place to store her “essentials”. Nowhere to charge her phone, store her Stanley, or keep her tablet close at hand.

Utilizing my vast experience in manufacturing consumer products for pets and people, and my desire to be my daughter’s hero, we designed and built the Bedside Perch. Constructed from post-consumer plastics, the Bedside Perch incorporates built-in USB ports, kept out of the way of spills and cord tangle free.  But perfectly in reach so that my daughter stays connected, and her devices remain charged.

Since naturally intelligent squirrels are the ultimate organizers (nuts, not cellphones), Squirrel, The Bedside Perch, was in motion.  Now, not only my daughter, but everyone who is searching for a spot to store, charge and tidy up their beside essentials have the perfect place.  Whether it be a bed, couch or RV, your gadgets have their place and are within reach.

We are excited for you to give our Bedside Perch a try.  And keep a lookout for future products as we continue to solve daily challenges.

Steve Luhrs, Dad 1st, Founder 2nd